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In 1986 My brother and I started a company called Tri Tech computers Ltd. in 1992 we were awarded 2nd fastest growing company in British Columbia by Profit Magazine. I sold my half to my brother in 1994 and started a used-computer shop called Sandermax Systems Ltd. Initially we sold used computers and parts, and then as the market changed we expanded our services to fixing computers and selling new computers as well as used.

After a few years, we began offering corporate computer service & support. I initiated a service called “LabourMAX,” which was a monthly service coverage package for computers, like insurance for your computer, where any problems they had with their computer would be covered by this small monthly fee.

Then, in 2004 we acquired several computer servers in Vancouver and started offering “Business Anywhere,” which allowed us to store our clients’ programs and data on our servers, so they could access everything from any computer, anywhere in the world. This was a ground-breaking development, the beginnings of “the Cloud” and definitely became the way of the future.

By 2010, we had moved all of our Business Anywhere customers over to a newly-formed company called Cloud Systems Inc, and then I sold that company. In December of 2011, I also sold Sandermax Systems Ltd. to another computer company, and I started my newest venture, using my knowledge & experience to help small business owners create a working model, and enable them to grow & expand, so that they can work on their business instead of work in it. Some of my clients were looking to expand their business from being a solo-preneur to having some employees, while others are interested in exploring options for selling their business and how to go about it. Most are just in need of knowledgeable support, as they navigate the challenges of owning & running a small business.

In 2015 I decided to take a break and for the first time in my adult life I worked for someone other than myself. I took a job as a shelter worker at the Salvation Army Gateway of hope and then Chilliwack Society For Community Living, these were very rewarding jobs and it was a great opportunity to give back. I decided that I would never work for myself again. I had a pickup truck so on the side I started helping people move stuff and then everyone started asking me to move this and take this away and of course I found myself back into my entrepreneurial state of mind and thought “everyone needs a Buddy with a truck”

I am now running Buddy With A Truck Inc, we currently have two trucks and covered trailers and one 16 foot cube van for small moves.

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