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When you have to remove and dispose of some junk, you have two major options. You can either hire a professional to do it for you or purchase a dumpster and eliminate it on your own. These two options have their own unique benefits and downsides. Their prices also vary with where you are and how much junk you handle.

It is thus impossible to assign a precise quote. Nonetheless, most estimates place the average cost at around $100-$800. For the rentals of the dumpsters, expect to part with $300-$525 each week.

Just if you lack the time and the energy to dispose of the junk on your own, you have a professional junk removal company for your consideration. If on the other hand, you may wish to hold the junk for some time before dumping it, you may have to leverage dumpster rental services.

What is the average cost of junk removal services?

Several factors play out in the determination of the price of junk removal. On the same note, there are lots of companies, both locally and nationally that levy varying rates. As such, it may be difficult to pinpoint precise rates for the dumpster rentals and the full-service junk removals.

Further to that, many junk removal companies do not furnish prospects with online estimates. Rather, they only provide precise quotes after performing an outside evaluation of the specific junk removal task.

This arrangement negates the likelihood of obtaining inaccurate pricing information but makes it quite difficult to compare the prices of different companies, more so when you are in a hurry.

Having said that, we are fully aware of the factors that ultimately determine the pricing of the junk removal. We know this because we have gathered sufficient data that aids you in finding the rough estimates of what your typical rubbish removal is likely to cost.

What goes into junk removal pricing?

The actual price varies considerably with your precise locations. For instance, Junk King levies a fee of $800 to eliminate a complete truckload worth of junk in New York but levies a paltry $500 in Oklahoma.

Some companies do not even impact certain areas. The existence of fewer options implies higher prices. Apart from the location, the following factors too, have a say on the overall pricing of the dumpster rental and full-service options:

  • Seasonality and demand
  • Gas prices
  • Local disposal fees
  • Duration of completion (execution)
  • The volume of the trash
  • This last factor is by far the single most significant. That means for a large part determines the largest component or proportion of the junk removed.

Nonetheless, it does not apply to dumpster rentals. The rentals charge the same amount regardless of the volume of junk you handle. You will only be charged for overfilling the dumpster. As such, you ought to rent a dumpster that is large enough to accommodate all the trash you may possibly wish to handle.

Should I pay for full-service junk removal?

A number of factors converge to make the full-service removal the better option for anyone looking to throw away lots of trash. Chief of these is the convenience of being able to relax or undertake your daily routines without having to lift off extremely heavyweights.

By enrolling in this rubbish removal service, you gain access to proper equipment. Examples of these are carts, dollies, and wheelbarrows. They jointly simplify the task of furniture removal.

All factors considered, we recommend paying for full-service junk removal if you lack the time, relevant equipment or may just wish to obtain additional support when eliminating excess trash.

Given that many companies will hardly furnish you with a quote beforehand, it is impossible for you to state with absolute surety what you might have to pay.

We are nonetheless capable of providing you with a rough idea so that you may know what to anticipate when you go out to book for the services.

Our company, Home Services Marketplace HomeAdvisor, polled its readers and deduced that overall, the average cost of hauling a truckload of junk (around 450 cubic feet) was around $500.30.

Should I pay to rent a dumpster?

Now that this average cost is not significantly lower than that of full-service junk removal, why should you rent a dumpster? The thing is, with rubbish removal, you pay for only one day of service. With a dumpster rental, however, you gain the services for as long as you need the same as long as you are ready to part with the weekly rates.

This implies that you may load your dumpster at a pace that is convenient for you in the course of ongoing renovation and cleanup exercises rather than leaving the junk to pile up around your home for weeks and months until a dedicated full-service company comes to your rescue.

Depending on exactly where you reside and the quantity of the junk you wish to throw away, a dumpster rental charges cheaper than the full-service junk removal. We however recommend that you research the prices, past customer reviews, and available sizes for all the companies in your area.

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