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Whether you’re downsizing, spring cleaning, or making major life changes, there are plenty of times during your lifetime that you’ll be disposing of items in your home. In some cases, it’s easy to get rid of things, especially if they’re not sizeable.

Clothing that’s still in good condition but no longer needed, for example, can be donated to a charity thrift shop or someplace similar. You just bag it up and take it there or have it picked up. Smaller items that are no longer in good condition can be easily disposed of by merely putting them out with the trash. Simple, right? Not a big deal!

But what do you do with those large, cumbersome items when it’s time to get rid of them? How do you remove and dispose of mattresses, for example? What kind of disposal is allowed?

What are the options?

The best way to remove and dispose of any old mattresses and/or box springs will depend on a few things, including where you live.

  • Renting a dumpster – If you are doing a big move or a whole house cleaning and are disposing of a lot of items – big and small – you might consider renting a dumpster, which will allow you to throw away any non-toxic materials all in one place. If you choose to rent a dumpster, when you’re done filling it, it will be picked up by the rental company and they’ll take care of the rest. It’s a smart idea when you have a lot to toss. You may need to get a friend or two to help you get your mattress to the dumpster but, other than that, it’s an easy process. And depending on the size of the dumpster, you can dispose of multiple mattresses at once.
  • Curbside collection – In some municipalities, trash collection companies will pick up mattresses and other large items, sometimes on your designated trash day and sometimes on special bulk item pick-up days. And while this is a low- or no-cost disposal option, you’ll find that this doesn’t happen everywhere. You’ll have to contact your municipality to see if it’s allowed. You’ll also have to figure out how to get your mattress and/or box spring to the trash and may need to enlist some help. In addition, if you live in an apartment or condominium instead of a single-family dwelling, this may not be an option at all.
  • Junk removal services – This is, by far, the easiest option for anyone who needs to remove and dispose of a mattress because this service will come to you and do all the work! For many for whom the options above are impractical or impossible, this is the ideal solution. Though there will be a cost involved, it’s generally minimal and the job can usually be scheduled at your convenience. This way, you don’t need to figure out how to store the mattress until trash day nor do you need to do any heavy lifting or your own. In addition, junk removal companies that are in tune with the environment may be willing to drop it off at a recycling center if there’s one nearby or may even know of a non-profit or shelter that could make use of your mattress, as long as it is in acceptable condition and free of insects, etc.

We can help you!

At Buddy with a Truck, we can help you with mattress removal and disposal. As a matter of fact, we can pick up most large household items and dispose of them for you. And because we care about our carbon footprint, we do our best to repurpose or recycle items that can be repurposed or recycled!

Hiring us is just a short phone call away. We’d be happy to talk to you and provide you with a quote for mattress removal and disposal or any other moving or removal/disposal job you need completed. Contact as at 604-505-0133 or send us an email at jim@buddywithatruck.ca for more information.

Remember…everyone should have a “buddy with a truck” for large and small moves, item disposal, and more, and we’d be happy to be that pal!


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