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Decluttering your office can help you save time, money, and stress, which, in turn, can help you produce higher-quality work and have a more positive outlook on life. Its other advantages include:

  • Doubling your storage capacity
  • Being able to find items easily
  • Feeling less stressed when you walk into your office
  • Increasing your productivity and creativity
  • Disposing of things that no longer serve any purpose or need
  • Displaying items that you want others to see

While it may seem like a simple task, it can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. That is why here are some tips on how you can successfully declutter your office.

1. Discard Things You Don’t Really Need

It may seem counterintuitive, but you should start by discarding things that you don’t really need. That helps you to feel less overwhelmed and gives you more control over the rest of the process. Consider tossing the following types of things:

  • Old papers
  • Old stacks of books
  • Old magazines or newspapers
  • Old stationery
  • Old cables or wires
  • Old printouts of documents
  • Old USB cables
  • Old power banks
  • Old receipts

2. Make Your Desk Setup Practical

Your desk arrangement is a good reflection of your priorities. For example, if you have your computer and printer on your desk, you tell yourself that the two are equally important in your everyday work. If this is not the case, place your computer where it makes sense for you to work and put the printer in a separate area.

Similarly, place your computer monitor and keyboard where they are best for you to use them. It can be very different for different people and may actually be at various locations on your desk or at different heights on your monitor stand.

Make sure the cables you use match your needs. Longer lines will give you more flexibility in where you put your computer, and shorter cords are neater and reduce the risk of tangling and tripping.

3. Keep Your Cables Organized

Cables can be the bane of a productive workspace. They take up space, can be tripping hazards, and can get tangled up in other items. To avoid this mess, use a cable organizer.

A cable organizer is a small, inexpensive box you can purchase at any office supply store. The box has compartments where you can put your cables, keeping them organized and untangled. You can keep the organizer on top of your desk to be easily accessible.

4. Digitize Your Documents

One helpful way to declutter your office is to get rid of all the piled-up papers. The world is becoming less paper-dependent nowadays due to the digital revolution, and your office may want to adapt to this. With the help of technology, an unsightly stack of documents can be contained in just one hard drive.


The advantages of decluttering your office are numerous, including saving money, time, stress, and space. While it may seem like an easy task, you may find that it takes a lot of effort. However, the result will be worth it. Follow the tips above to make the process simpler and more manageable for the whole team.

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