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If you’ve been having construction projects around your home and have accumulated quite a lot of junk and debris, you will need to clear your area to ensure safety sooner or later. You will need the aid of a junk removal company to handle disposal properly.

These junk removal services pick up objects that you can’t dispose of yourself from your house or office and haul them away for a fee. Junk disposal items include old appliances, furniture, miscellaneous scrap, and building materials–among other things. 

The amazing thing about junk removal services is that they will frequently accept large, bulky objects that your local garbage collection service will not. However, they won’t accept some goods.

Find out more about junk removal services and their usual protocols in the sections below.

Getting to Know Your Local Junk Removal Service

You’ll need to schedule a junk removal appointment, and a small staff will arrive with a large box truck. You will show the representatives of the company the junk removal items you want to be removed. 

They will offer a price quote after they have examined your stuff. If you agree on the price, most businesses will be ready to carry away your junk removal items straight away.

Junk removal companies exist to make it easier for customers to get rid of unwanted items without having to handle their waste themselves. These experts take the bother out of clearing away the clutter by offering manpower and a simple disposal method.

Identifying the Cost of Junk Removal

Junk removal costs on average range from $99 to $125 for a starter load to $599 for a full load.

Most junk removal companies charge by the entire amount of space your goods take up in their truck. That’s why, before they can give you a quotation, they need to inspect the items you want to be taken away. The cost of labor is frequently included in the advertised price.

Junk removal services may frequently quote you for a quarter truckload, half truckload, three-quarters truckload, or full truckload. Junk removal businesses often use dump trucks that can handle 12-16 tons of material. If you only want them to remove one or two items, there will almost always be a minimum charge.

Knowing What Junk Removal Companies Accept

Junk haulers will accept a wide range of household items in addition to garbage. Many of these businesses then donate usable items to charities. If you’re thinking about having a specific company, you can always check their website and find out what items they accept.

Knowing What Junk Removal Companies Don’t Accept

The majority of businesses will refuse to remove anything harmful or hazardous. They mostly don’t accept items like paint, pesticides, fireworks, asbestos, pressurized containers, medical waste, and more. Ask your local junk removal company for a full list of items they don’t accept.

Keep in mind that junk removal services will not remove items too heavy to lift or if they are in a hazardous location.

Finding Out Where the Junk Goes after It’s Hauled Away

Many people prefer to get rid of their trash quickly. But the more conscious customers are most likely curious about where it all goes. It may give you some comfort and assurance to know that many junk removal services recycle or donate most of the stuff they collect.

Items that can’t be recycled or aren’t fit for donation will be thrown away. If recycling or donating is important to you, scope out specific institutions that can take them before contacting a specific junk removal company.


If you need to tidy your home or get rid of heavy objects that are difficult to manage yourself, junk removal is a simple choice. However, there are a few items that junk removal companies will not accept. If it’s harmful or dangerous, they’re unlikely to accept it. 

Junk removal businesses are likewise limited in what their crews are physically capable of lifting and loading onto their trucks. So be sure to ask the junk company near you about their protocols before getting their services.

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