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Langley City, situated about 40 minutes drive east of Vancouver downtown, is a Metro Vancouver or Greater Vancouver Regional District municipality.

As per the 2011 Census, the population of Langley city stood at 25,081.

The city’s climate is mildly similar to Vancouver’s, following its location in the coastal temperate rainforest zone. Averagely, in summer, the temperatures during the day range at 20 degrees Celsius or 70F, while during winter, temperatures fall to 2 degrees Celsius or 35.6F. Langley city in a year experiences 1800 hours of sunshine and 140cm/55in rainfall average.

What To Do While in Langley City

Langley has a wide range of options to spend time with your family, including movie theatres, family-friendly festivals and hiking in the local parks.

Downton Langley is known to major on pedestrians with its major highway, Fraser Highway, reduced to a single direction one lane. The place is named “The One-Way,” Its sides have shops and restaurants making it the city’s famous retail center.

For further information on the places to visit and things to do while in Langley, visit the link: http://www.city.langley.bc.ca/

Employment and Economy

In 2015, Langley Township was ranked and published in BC Business Magazine among the top 6 cities in British Columbia province in terms of employment. Among the communities growing so fast in the region, Langley is known in various sectors ranging from agricultural output and specialty boutiques to industrial production and international corporations.

In Metro Vancouver, Langley is known to have some of the most affordable business rates and housing.  It also has the most competitive tax rates in the region.

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