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The City of Langley, BC, has introduced a new and highly innovative park to the public, attracting attention far and wide – the Penzer Action Park. The park is geared towards children of all ages, with a wide selection of different attractions to choose from.

Initially, Penzer Action Park consisted of only a bike park full of different jumps and paths for park-goers to enjoy. Seeing an opportunity for more, the City of Langley has added a variety of expansions and new attractions, providing endless physical activity.

Adjacent to the park’s parking lot stands a sports stadium featuring a massive basketball court and a full volleyball net. Across from the court lies a kid-friendly parkour area geared towards children ages four and under. To prevent injury, the ground in this area is covered in a layer of wood chips, providing a soft bumper for any children who take a fall.

Additionally, a paved skate park full of different twists, turns, and other fun obstacles. It’s open not just to skateboarders but to bikers and scooter riders as well.

The biggest attraction at Penzer Action Park is its expansive parkour park for many. From trampolines and swinging bars to balancing beams and climbing walls, the parkour area provides hours of endless entertainment and physical activity for children of all ages. The parkour area is a blast for more experienced parkour hobbyists and just as engaging for the beginners just starting to get a feel for the activity. All around, Penzer Action Park’s parkour area provides plenty of fun and exciting ways to play and explore.

Penzer Action Park is located at 198c Street in the area of Langley, BC.

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