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We all have it. Junk. That “stuff” that accumulates in our houses that might have once been treasure but now is just sitting there…useless to us. We hesitate to get rid of it for one reason or another but know that the time has finally come when we just can’t keep it anymore.

That might happen for a number of reasons. We may be moving and need to eliminate junk before we load the truck. We might be remodeling and are eager to bring in new items and must make room for them. Or it may just be time to part with the things we’ve held on to for so long, intent on making our space look larger, cleaner, and more orderly.

So, how do you get started? Experts on junk removal (yes, there ARE junk removal experts) say it’s all about drafting a plan and following it. Collectively, these experts offer a variety of tips for a smooth junk removal experience.

  • Make a timeline – The reason so many of us don’t follow through with our plans to rid our homes (or offices) of junk is because we look at it all and immediately become overwhelmed. So, make a timeline that perhaps addresses one room at a time, spread over a number of weeks. You’ll get it done…but it doesn’t have to be all in one weekend.
  • Get rid of trash first – There will be some things that are obvious trash that won’t be of any good to anyone. It’s a great idea to dispose of that first. You might be amazed at how much less ominous the task looks once the rubbish is gone, especially if you tend to hoard things like newspapers or magazines.
  • Have an idea of what’s valuable to you and what isn’t before you start – This is especially important if you have help doing the cleaning. If you bring in your best friend, for example, to assist you in the clean-up, what is valuable to you might not be valuable to him/her. In addition, it really slows things down when that other person has to stop and ask whether they should save a particular item. So, talk about such things before you get started…or do it yourself.
  • Make “groups” of items – A wise declutterer makes four groups of items: keep it, trash it, sell it, and donate it. Keep it items will remain in your home. Items bound for the trash can be put out on the curb or removed by a junk removal company. Items to be sold can be put aside for a garage sale or auction (if they’re particularly valuable), while items to donate can be picked up by or dropped off to an organization/agency. Note that many junk removal companies also donate items when plausible.
  • Recycle whenever possible – “Green” junk removal is possible! Remember to recycle items like newspaper, cardboard, plastic, or whatever else your community recycles, and know that junk removal companies like Buddy with a Truck are keen on recycling as well and will do what it takes to lessen their carbon footprint when carting off your old furniture, appliances, electronics, and more.

The most important thing to remember before starting a junk removal project is that you need to be WILLING to commit. It’s easier said than done! While it isn’t difficult to physically get rid of the junk, sticking to your decision to do it is what’s hardest.

So often, we hold onto things, thinking we’ll use them again someday or that they are worth something close to what we paid for them. More often than not, if you haven’t used something in the last 2 years, you won’t use it anytime in the near future. In addition, we often have an inflated idea of what our stuff is worth, so we hang onto it in case we can make a few dollars on it sometime in the future. Again, that’s usually not the case.

So, have a long talk with yourself, be willing to be a little ruthless, and dispense with sentimentality for this project. And if you need help carting off that trash or any other items you wish to dispose of, call Buddy with a Truck and take advantage of their superior and affordable service. For more information or for a junk removal quote, call 604-505-0133.


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