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Stanford shared a Princeton study stating that we unconsciously seek out a clean space. The researchers even said that a messy environment restricts our ability to focus. Even without reading the study, you know there is the truth behind what the scientists are saying because you feel lethargic when you face a cluttered place. 

Generally, clutter causes stress and distraction. You can do yourself a favour by removing the clutter from your life and creating a clean environment. You will be more productive because a clean house will help your body and mind function better.  

However, how do you start the decluttering process? If you are overwhelmed by the sight of your messy home, you should read this blog carefully before starting your task.

Start Small

Decluttering can be stressful, but the effort is worth it because you will feel better once you have cleaned your home. Before starting, you need to choose the first room to declutter. It is better to start small rather than tackle too many rooms simultaneously. 

If you have a messy living room, you can start by clearing off the dinner table or removing the old newspapers from the living room. For example, if you want to declutter your home office, you should start with a few shelves.  

If you are stressed by the number of items that need to be removed, it is better to make two piles: trash and charity. You can trash the things right away, and the rest of the items will be donated to the local charity. Once you have finished decluttering one room, you can move to another until you have decluttered every room in the house.

Clear the Surfaces

You should clear all surfaces when decluttering and start with the biggest one. For example, if you have a cluttered dining room, you should throw out the old newspapers and magazines first. Then, you can see the rest of the surfaces in the room.

You should start with the biggest surfaces first before removing the items on the smaller surfaces. Sometimes, you have things stored on a tall shelf. To reach the tall shelves, you should start by tossing the old books or CDs on the shelf.

You should have a trash bag beside you when you are decluttering. You can throw the items you do not need in the trash bag. You should not feel guilty throwing away the old things because you will be doing your home a favour.

Find a Place for Each Item

Once your surfaces are cleared, you can organize the remaining items. You should find a place for each item before moving on to the next. For example, you should see a place for the stack of books before you begin removing them from the shelf.

Now, you can make a pile of the books you do not need and give them or throw them away. You can put the books you love on the bookshelf. Should you move the books to another shelf?  


Decluttering and cleaning your home is stressful. You might feel overwhelmed when you see the piles of mess scattered around the house, but the feeling of a clean house is priceless. It is better to start the process than to procrastinate.

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