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We specialize in Junk Removal in Langley, BC, Pickups, Deliveries, Interior Demolition Junk Removal, Move in /Move out Removal, Recycling and Property Management Junk Removal Service Clean up. Where else can we do junk removal other than Langley, BC? Find us in Maple Ridge, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Surrey, Abbotsford, and much more for all your junk removal services.

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Junk Removal

Our junk removal services involve the pickup and removal of unwanted items. Depending on the items being hauled and the Langley junk removal services provider the pricing will vary especially if the junk removal job is outside of Langley, BC.

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Pick Ups + Deliveries

Just because you drive a hatchback, doesn’t mean you can’t have that brand new sectional. For deliveries big and small of furniture, appliances, and even wholesale goods that you just can’t move by yourself, call Your Buddy with a Truck in Langley, BC for more than just junk removal!

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Property Mgmt Clean up

Cleaning up a property you manage can be a daunting task that can take time and the proper junk removal tools you just don’t have. We have the right tools and experience to complete the most difficult junk removal service cleanups efficiently and to your satisfaction in Langley, BC.

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Interior Demolition

A junk removal companies time in Langley, BC is important and they have many more important things on their minds than junk removal service + clean up; one phone call to Buddy With a Truck Junk Removal and they can be confident the rubbish removal job will be taken care of.

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Move In / Out Removal

Call us for junk removal service and we will remove the junk from the garage or storage room, leaving the home empty and ready for the next Langley, BC homeowners or vice versa thanks to our junk removal in Langley.

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Jim Romeyn is the founder of Buddy With A Truck Junk Removal. As a serial Entrepreneur, Jim has never found a business idea he didn’t like. Buddy With A Truck is his newest venture, and the future is looking very bright for his junk removal in Langley business!

What makes US the BEST Local Langley Rubbish Removal Company?


When you hire Buddy with a Truck in Langley, BC to take care of your junk removal, garbage, debris, and furniture removal needs, you get peace of mind that all the unwanted debris is no longer an eyesore.

Our junk removal service team will literally take anything you have, whether you are getting rid of old furniture from your home or debris from the yard, we can take care of removing it all using our junk removal, and furniture removal services all over the Lower Mainland such as Langley, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Surrey, Abbotsford, and more.

~ Residential and Commercial Junk or Furniture Removal

We love to work with our residential clients and our commercial junk removal clients/property manager! The best part of being a full-service residential and commercial junk removal company means we cater to everyone.

Buddy with a Truck Junk Removal works for both residential and commercial customers and clients. So if you are in an office building and need to get rid of some office junk or at home, if it’s junk it’s our business.

~ We Do All The Lifting And Loading

We will do all the lifting and loading of all your junk for you. It doesn’t matter where the junk or debris is located, our rubbish removal team will go and get it for you.

This way you can feel reassured that when you hire us, you wont have to lift as much as a finger when you call Buddy With A Truck for junk removal, recycling, and more.

~ Clear Out Full Areas

Thanks to our junk removal services also will clean and clear out any area of your home or office that you have junk in.

So if you just want to get all the junk out, left behind debris and then have the basement swept and cleaned, Buddy With A Truck Junk Removal Services will take care of everything.

Once again, we do this so that you don’t have to lift a finger when hiring our junk removal team.

 ~ Light Demolition

So we have mentioned that we can help with loading, lifting, labour, cleaning & clearing. Well, there’s more, we also offer construction/renovation demolition rubbish and junk removal as well.

So if you want to get rid of that old shed or deck in the backyard, we will not only haul it away, but we will take it down for you as well. The junk removal services team will demo many different things, decks, porches, walls, bathrooms, kitchens and more.

~ Work Year-Round

Nope, this isn’t just a seasonal junk and furniture removal business. If it’s cold, wet or just plain nasty out Buddy with a Truck Junk Removal will still be there to help you with all your junk removal needs.

While the other guys pack it in for the winter we are still out there making sure our junk removal service customers are happy and junk-free. We’re are here when you need us for rubbish removal services.

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Our junk removal team is fully insured and WCB accredited.


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