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Canada has played a massive role in aviation history to date. If you want to witness that, you can visit the Canadian Museum of Flight. In the Museum, you can take a chronological walk around the Museum starting from World War I to the present day. As a non-profit Museum, the Canadian Museum of Flight is volunteer-driven, and its main objectives entail restoring, preserving, and showcasing Canada’s aviation heritage.

Visitors can touch a large number of aircraft. As a result, the Museum is regarded as a ‘hands-on’ facility. This means visitors can connect the plane and learn that they are made from several materials, including wood, fabric, and aluminum. To help our visitors see something unique or new every time, the Museum undergoes constant display changes to improve our visitors’ experience.

The Canadian Museum of Flight is easily accessible to our visitors. Besides the ramps to ease wheelchair access, HandyDart buses and vehicles can pull up to the main entrance. Therefore, if you plan to visit the Museum, you can easily do it regardless of your means of transport. Finally, the Canadian Museum of Flight, Langley, BC, has a massive gift shop with everything to offer, including toys, videos, posters, hats, books, t-shirts, etc. Please find time to visit the Museum, and you will create lifelong memories.

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